Getting Started

Hello, world! We are Code for Sacramento. As a Code for America Brigade, we bring people together who are interested in civic issues and build technology to solve problems in our community. We believe in user centered design, so we build with citizens, not simply for citizens. We’re an inclusive organization and welcome members regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality.

Our goal for this handbook is to introduce you to how we work. We’re still working on creating content, but in the meantime you might be interested in watching these videos:

We Need You!

If you care about your community, we need you. The biggest misunderstanding about Code for Sacramento is that you must be a coder to add value to our work. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need help from people with new ideas, community organizers, artists, policy analysts, journalists, user researchers, college students, and everyday citizens. You can think of Code for Sacramento as a network to connect our community.

The first step to getting involved is to join our Meetup group.

You might also be interested in signing up for our email list.